George Zimmerman says he lives in constant fear, has PTSD

Read more black newsABC News – George Zimmerman, the Florida man acquitted of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin, says he lives in constant fear and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. He also suggested that President Obama helped to inject racism into the controversial shooting in order to win votes for himself during his reelection.

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One comment on “George Zimmerman says he lives in constant fear, has PTSD
  1. George Zimmerman should stop blaming others for his short comings. Mr. Zimmerman, himself, is the low life slime bag who injected race when he made the statement to 911 dispatcher “they always get away”. Just what is meant by “they always get away”? Had young Martin been white, would you have racially profiled him, stalked him and then murdered him? For your actions, it is my desire that you should rot in hell.

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